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Before making any submissions, please read this page in its entirety.

The Business Ahead welcomes unsolicited written contributions from our community of knowledgeable, experienced industry professionals.

By submitting an article to The Business Ahead, you acknowledge that you understand and comply with the Terms & Conditions below. Only articles that are well-informed, concerning the Entrepreneurial, Start-up and Small Business experiences will be considered.

Submitting Guest Post:

Submissions should be sent via e-mail to

  • Subject line must read “Submission.”
  • Provide a working phone number & email where you may be reached.
  • Submit a professional picture & brief bio (200 words or less) to appear at the bottom of the article, as well as with a link to your site or social profile.

By submitting an article to The Business Ahead, you acknowledge that you understand and comply with the following:

Our Best Practices & Recommendations for Guest Posting:
  • Guest posts must be well-written, informative & relevant to our audience.
  • Content will stay on-topic to ensure our readers stay engaged & receive maximum value.
  • Our readers should want to share your Guest Post on their social media or email to friends/colleagues.
  • Outbound links must be helpful and relevant to the article. Maximum 2 backlinks per article.
Terms & Conditions:
  1. Guest Posts must be your own original work. We do not accept articles or parts of articles that have been published elsewhere.
  2. Recommend written pieces to be between 1,000 & 2,500 words, though shorter articles may be accepted.
    • Plagiarism or copyright infringement is not permitted. We use various tools to ensure no submission is plagiarized.
    • When quoting others, please make sure to properly cite your source.
  3. Posts will acknowledge your authorship, but it will be the property of The Business Ahead website.
  4. We encourage you to share post link of the content you have authored to your social media or your own website.
    • Affiliate links shall not be included in Guest Post submissions.
    • The Business Ahead reserves the right to add its own affiliate links where appropriate.
  5. Guest Post writers will be allowed to have one link to their website or social media profile within the author bio. This may not be an affiliate link or point to an affiliate site.
  6. We do not offer any compensation for writing Guest Posts.
  7. We do not guarantee any particular site or audience reach.
  8. The Business Ahead reserves the right to edit Guest Posts where necessary.
  9. Once we officially post a Guest Post, within first week:
    • You are welcome to request reasonable grammatical or wording changes to the content.
    • Note: Any edits that change the content or meaning of an article will need an “EDIT:” disclaimer added with a date.
    • You may request changes/updates to your photo, bio, or links.
    • If at any time in the future you want to request such changes, email us and we’ll do our best to accommodate.
  10. The Business Ahead reserves the right to refuse publication or remove a Guest Post without prior notice to the Guest Post writer.
  11. By providing a Guest Post to The Business Ahead, you agree that you are in no way becoming a part of the website or company, nor shall you hold yourself out to be a member of The Business Ahead website, company or its’ affiliates.

We review content within 72 hours of submission. We will reach out to you should we decide to publishing the article.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to receiving your submission!

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