3 Types of Website Traffic Every Business Should Know About

A digital presence for any business drives stronger brand awareness by allowing your target audience to find you easier and faster. It’s an essential tool for growth, most importantly a website.

However, anyone with a website knows, driving visitors to your website can be quite a feat. It often requires a dedicated resource to manage, but with budgets & resources low, especially during this pandemic, not every company has a dedicated expert focused solely on driving traffic to your site.

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This is why is even more important for website owners to understand the different types of website traffic. It will ensure you spend your time and resources effectively for a great ROI (return-on-investment).

Owned Traffic

Owned traffic is generated from properties (websites) you own -often referred to as owned & operated or O&O. As it is your site, it’s only logical that you own the customer relationship and are responsible for the content, creativity and growth of your website. The more O&O’s you have, the greater the opportunity to drive traffic to your website.

Ways you can drive more traffic to your site with Owned Traffic are with SEO efforts and Social Media efforts, as examples. It will be important to not oversaturate your owned traffic with too much activity.

Earned Traffic

Earned (influenced) traffic is typically generated via online activity, such as social media mentions, reposts, shares & recommendations. Content picked up by another site is also considered Earned content. Using your Newsletters / Email is another method of Earned Traffic – it’s an oldie but goodie with driving returned visitors to your site.

One downside of Earned Traffic is you are not in complete control, especially with content picked up by another site. That said, Google Rankings are greater when your URL is used as backlinks on other sites.

Paid Traffic

As an expert in digital media, it is not recommended to pay for traffic through a traffic vendor. This type of traffic can drive a high rate of bad bot traffic. Bots can cause great damage to your website, even duplicating your site without your knowledge.

Best recommendation when buying traffic is to stick with trusted paid methods, such as Facebook boosts or Google Paid Search. Use your budget wisely and constantly review your numbers through your analytics tool, such as Google Analytics, Social Media User Interface (UI) and/or through the 3rd party UI you are using to drive traffic.

Regardless of the traffic you are focused on, it’s important to continuously look at your numbers, adjust where needed and focus on improvement of site performance and content quality.

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Esmeralda Cruz

Esmeralda Cruz, CEO of EC Media Operations LLC, brings a wealth of knowledge as a Digital Media Expert with over 20 years of experience in constructing & executing high impact revenue-impacting digital growth strategies & building global operational infrastructures for startups and global organizations.

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