Restaurant Checklist: Reopening After the Coronavirus Shutdown

The Covid-19 Pandemic impacted millions of businesses, especially those in the food industry. As they plan to reopen their restaurants, business owners are working hard at reconfiguring their customer service and employee safety needs.

There are several factors to consider as you develop your restaurant reopening plan. Use this Restaurant Checklist to reopen your restaurant while keeping yourself, employees and diners safe.

  • How your business model may need to change to stay competitive
  • What types of sales are needed to break even and when you can expect to become profitable again
  • Where to access the financing you may need to retrofit or adapt your restaurant
  • How to maintain a safe environment for everyone who enters your restaurant
  • Any accommodations your employees may need to return to work
  • How to make shoppers feel comfortable coming in to eat
  • How to market your reopening to build awareness and demand

Download the Action Plan for Restaurants for specific steps you can take to find solutions and protect your business during the coronavirus crisis, such as:

  • Protecting yourself, employees, customers and community
  • Assessing the current situation and generating both short and long-term solutions
  • Adapting your normal operations to keep business going
  • Converting to digital solutions
  • Updating your communication channels
  • Marketing your business appropriately and sensitively during this time
  • Thinking ahead and planning for the future

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