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Best Practices: Social Media for Business

Social Media has been adopted by top companies to help introduce new visitors to their business

Whether you have a small business or run a large Corporation, Social Media has become a top generator of awareness to your brand.  

What once was thought to be a millennial thing, Social Media has been adopted by top companies to help introduce new visitors to their business; however, the practices you use when posting on your personal social accounts, may not be applicable to your business social accounts.  

Best Practices: 
What are you promoting?

Stick to topics that are most relevant for your business & prospective clients – stay away from controversial or personal views as much as possible.   

Research what works best for your business. 

Before you put company resources on creating social media accounts for every social platform, do your research to consider the pros & cons of each social network.  It’s always best to plan out how you will use each social platform, as your branding and voice will reach followers, creating Brand Ambassadors.  

Sign-up for a Social Media manager tool

There are several platforms out in the market today, such as HootSuite or SproutSocial.  These tools will allow you to determine the success of your social media efforts real-time with click-through statistics.  They also are great for planning your social pushes days, weeks, months at a time. 

Know your Audience!

To build strong relationships with your followers, stay engaged with them!  They are a good resource of new ideas or improvements to your business.  Engaging with followers builds a loyalty and trust that your company will see the benefits from for a long time. 

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Consistency Matters:

Set a weekly posting schedule per each Social Media platform.  It minimizes overwhelming users with too many posts, as well as develops a consistency with followers of when they can expect to see a post.    The themes of your posts should fall in line with product launches, promotions, and/or content releases.  

Designate a Social Media resource 

Dedicating a resource to Social Media is ever more important these days with followers spending so much time on social media.  They should be responsible to manage your posts and add followers, work with Marketing, Product and/or Edit to ensure everyone is on the same page with messaging.  


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