Success Story: Baked by Melissa

Starting a business after being laid off, Baked by Melissa cupcake business started. Watch the Video!

Recently, CNBC posted a video on their YouTube page on President and Chief Product Officer, Melissa Ben-Ishay.

Melissa states:

In general, I think Success is a Mindset.

As the saying goes, when life hands you lemons, make cupcakes!

OK, that may not be the actual saying, but in the case of ‘Baked by Melissa’, it sure worked.

With the roller-coaster that is the U.S. Economy, many have found ourselves having that awkward unexpected conversation with Human Resources: ‘Your position has been eliminated…’

With no plan or expectation this was coming, many find themselves unsure of what to do next.  While many go no to find a new similar role at another company, others find this as the push needed to take the risk and start their own business.

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